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At Federal Machine, we do more than just sell vending equipment. We provide services to help build vending businesses, expand your retail business and maintain employee relations by providing you with a snack or drink vending machine. No matter what needs you may have, we are ready to help provide you with the services and equipment you need when it comes to vending.

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Put Yourself in Control of Your Vending Service

At Federal Machine, we work through a network of independent distributors and operators to ensure your needs are being met.

Keep Your Employees Satisfied

If your office vending machine is full of unwanted products, your employees will be more likely to leave the office in search of the snack or beverage they crave. With our services, you have more say in the product selections that are placed in your office vending machine.

Explore the Latest Technology

We know how important it is to have the latest technology in your office. Our network of distributors will set you up to ensure you have the latest in vending technology. This includes a card reader, a touchscreen display and a soft-elevator delivery.

Better Products. Better Pricing.

Our local vending operators will work with you to ensure you are getting the best and most popular products among your employees with the best possible price. We want to ensure you are satisfied with your vending service and your employees are satisfied with the product selection.

Snack Machines

Federal Machine has a variety of snack machines with the latest in vending technology. Our snack machines are ADA-compliant and features large merchandising windows for your employees to purchase the snacks they crave. Click below for more information.

Beverage Machines

Offer your employees their favorite drinks with one of our cold drink vending machines. Give your employees easy access to water, sports drinks, dairy products or more. For more information, click below.

Combo Machines

Offer your employees best-selling snacks, beverages and frozen items with a combo vending machine. No matter what products you would like to provide, our local vending operators are ready to work with you to provide the vending service you deserve.

Upgrade and Improve Your Vending Service

Keep employees on-location by providing them with easy access to affordable snacks and beverages. Find out how Federal Machine’s full vending service can benefit you.
For more questions, contact Federal Machine at 1-800-247-2446.