Vending machines are a proven, cost effective way to expand your retail business! We’re not just talking about snacks and drinks. Dispensing laundry, sanitation and other supplies are an important way retail businesses are expanding their income.

Vending machines are consistent employees who work around the clock and never ask for a raise. In fact, you don’t have to pay them at all. Federal Machine’s vending equipment is a profitable way businesses across the country are getting some much-needed additional income.

Vending, is not only profitable, it is convenient for you and the customer. While you are working hard on your business, customers can see the full selection of items available for purchase and then use cash, credit, debit or mobile payments to put money in your pocket.

Also, our machines are equipped with a guaranteed delivery system so your customers will always receive their purchased products or their money back. Federal Machine’s vending equipment can sell many different products and is customizable to meet your specific product sizes and measurements.

Vending also allows you to get your product into market you want to reach. Simply place a machine full of your product in your target environment. Collect residual sales from product giveaways and data collection from your buyers.

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