Buying your vending equipment is easier than ever with Federal Machine’s in-house financing through our Federal Finance Plan. The process is simple, complete a credit application, get approval, sign a contract, and make payments. Our financing programs are flexible and tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Our terms include:

  • 12-48 month terms
  • 30, 90 or 180 days to the first payment.
  • 90 days Same As Cash financing on all contracts with 3 or more pieces ($150 filing fee due for orders under 3 pieces)
  • Flexible programs to fully meet any need you may have!!
  • Ongoing promotions throughout the year.

When building a business, having a strong finance company to back your equipment purchases is paramount. Federal Finance can be the silent partner you are looking for. Preserve your credit lines for product purchases and day to day activities, not costly capital purchases. With no pre-payment penalty, regardless of the length of the term you sign up for, you can easily pay in full early and save the interest. With flexibility like, that Federal Finance is a partner that is there to work with you rather than against you. Only specializing in vending machine financing, they “know” the business and what you are going through to grow your business.

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