Change your current vending operator


Tired of lack luster service from your existing vending machine service provider? Or are you looking for a vending service provider?

You can control the quality of your vending service by demanding newer, more stylish vending machines, better product pricing, and product selections of your choice. At Federal Machine we work through a network of independent distributors and local vending operators to bring you the services you need and deserve!

Take your employee refreshment service in a different direction with healthier options and a vending service provider that will put what you want in the machines. We use local grass roots vending operators and provide quality equipment with all the technology advances available today.

Simply fill out the short information request below and we will provide you with solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you location is too small for vending operators to service, you can secure your own machines. By securing your own vending machines, your company realizes 100% of the profits! You can work with our staff to understand the machines, product purchasing, and maintenance needed to bring a quality service to your organization.

Contact us today to get a new and better vending service.