The ability to take credit cards and mobile payments allows you to make vending sales to anybody regardless of what they have in their pocket!

Through Greenlite credit card systems, taking cashless sales is only one major benefit. Greenlite also provides you with telemetry for your machines.

Telemetry provides real time data from your vending machines which is key to running a successful route.

You can learn where to go and when. Finding the savings from the cost of card readers will not take long. You will see savings in route fuel, employee labor hours and increased machine deployment. Being able to schedule your route with real time will only add to efficiencies.

When you invest in the cellular-based credit card reader you gain the ability to remotely monitor your vending machine transactions.

Remote Vending Machine Monitoring allows you to login to your web based account anywhere you have access to the Internet. Even with your web enabled Smartphone!

Ease in managing cashless vending transactions is a must in today’s fast-paced world.

Keep all the information you need about your vending business at your fingertips with any mobile device. Log-in anytime you want to monitor cash flow making your schedule more flexible. You set your own hours and let the vending machines do all the work.

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